Aswan Engineering Journal(AswEJ)

Article Advisories

All manuscripts are sent out for reviewing to independent experts in the field and the decision made by the editor is based on their reports. The editorial committee will select two reviewers for each submitted paper. The peer review process will be a double-blind process, meaning that anonymity is maintained between the reviewers and the author(s) and each reviewer will be sent an evaluation report.

Reviewer’s evaluation report will send to the authors and they will asked to resubmit the paper after considering the reviewer’s comments; in case of, minor revision/ major revision. In cases of conflicting feedback, the journal editor may choose to send the paper to a third reviewer before arriving at a decision, In that case the author may have to wait longer for the peer review process to be completed. Also, in case of reviewer process delayed more than a month from receiving the article, the journal editor will send a reminder. In case of delaying one month more, his reviewing assignment will be withdrawn and the artical will be sent to another reviewer.