Aswan Engineering Journal(AswEJ)

Publication guidelines

  • Author has to fill out AswEJ copyrights format
  • The article must not previously have published or submitted in any other scientific journal.
  • The author should submit three A4 copies of the article by hand or upload the article on AswEJ website.
  • Author should follow AswEJ format.
  • Qualified reviewers will review all the submitted articles.
  • AswEJ notifies the corresponding author with the validity or invalidity of the article publishing within ten weeks from submission.
  • Reviewer’s comments must be considered, moreover, the final copy must be submitted within the determined time by AswEJ.

Publication Fees

Fees on articles publication in AswEJ produced from faculty of Engineering, Aswan University as following:-

  • Fees for reviewing is 250 LE or (250 dollars for foreigners) will be paid upon each article before sending them to the reviewers.
  • Publication fees will be 5 LE per page for the Aswan university staff,7 LE for other authors and 5 $ for the foreign authors.
  • All the fees are paid for the university research budget (with receipt for each article).