Aswan Engineering Journal(AswEJ)

Aims & Scope

Aswan Engineering Journal (AswEJ) is a printed, peer reviewed journal providing a forum for the publication of original primary research findings across a broad spectrum of engineering. AswEJ is specialized in:

  • Architectural Engineering.
  • Civil Engineering.
  • Electrical Engineering.

AswEJ is published twice a year by the Faculty of Engineering, Aswan University.

The journal is publishing innovative scientific articles in civil, electrical, and architectural engineering that has not previously been published before or under consideration for publication in any other journal, book, or conference proceedings available through a library or by purchase.
AswEJ articles covers various experimental, theoretical, and numerical studies which will help readers to understand and solve complex, large-system engineering problems as well as, understanding of engineering theory.

Researcher from all over the world, are welcome to submit their research papers for publication in AswEJ. AswEJ is a refereed journal and acceptance or rejection decision is made by the editor based on reviewers' reports. The average time between submission and first decision is ten weeks and the accepted papers will be published directly in the next issues.